Just as there are different types of bikes, there are different ways to understand riding. But it would be too simplistic to tie the emotions in motion, as direct expression, to the type of two-wheeled vehicle under the bottom.

Going by bike is purely personal and everyone in this fantastic medium finds his emotions. There are those who love pure speed, those who love the sense of boundless freedom that being in the wind offers, those who are socializing, but almost all feel the motorcycle as an integral part of themselves.

We tried to ask some riders what emotions they feel on the bike, what the motorcycle is for them.

The result is a range of extremely personal emotions, difficult to categorize because the bike is pure emotion.

Going fast or watching the world around?

For the sporty motorcyclist, the bike is adrenaline, speed is necessary to experience the feeling of overcoming the force of gravity by flying at low altitude. Even the motor-traveler appreciates the dynamics of riding (curves and accelerations), but the bike has the value that the horse once had: it serves to make way, observing what surrounds it.

If the sports motorcyclist would tend to favor the circuit – the ideal place to give vent to their potential and those of the bike – the motorbike tourist always looks for new roads, new horizons, new things to see.

Driving style: it is not always so defined.

It is not certain that there is necessarily a clear division between the two macro-categories: the sportsman will also be able to appreciate the trip by motorbike, perhaps taking a step a little cheerful, and the motorbike tourer is not said to resist the temptation to “get tangled up” with some other biker. There are those who love the asphalt who the earth. In short, emotions are sometimes unexpected.

The opinions of motorcyclists experienced in different sectors

Virginio Ferrari – Pilot – Formula TT World Champion 1987

” Riding is the dream of when I was a child. Before that, I dreamed about the planes, the F104 fighters, then the dream shifted to the bikes because I met those who “diverted” me. The bad companies – he says with a smile – brought me to the races. ”

So for Virginio, the thrill of the bike is similar to flying a plane: speed, fighting with the laws of physics, strong emotions that make his eyes shine when he talks about it.

Elena Axinte – Beach car

“ For me, the bike is synonymous with travel. Traveling by motorcycle gives me the sense of being 100% alive. The emotions I feel when I drive on unfamiliar roads – to discover places I have never seen, people I will perhaps see only once in my life, but that I will never forget – are unrepeatable and always new. I travel alone but I’m not afraid. I trust in the goodness of the people and in the sympathy that the motorcycle arouses everywhere in the world. ” Elena crossed a good part of East Africa with her Harley, traveling alone, and is now preparing her solo world tour.

Giorgio Bungaro – TV presenter and producer

“ The bike offers a sense of extreme freedom, the desire to see and experience new places, immersed in the places crossed, also feeling the scents and smells. I know a lot of the aspects of motorcycling, dealing with the best experts: from travel to the sport, from collecting to mechanics, and I can say that the common denominator is a huge passion. ” Giorgio is one of the most famous motorcycle journalism people, inventor of the exciting style of sports commentary.

Peppe Pagano – Owner of Motoexplora, tour operator specialized in motorcycle travel

“ The motorcycle is pure emotion, sharing, friendship. In my travels, I have met hundreds of people with whom I am in constant contact. A community of friends has been created around Motoexplora, which remains alive even beyond our travels. And it is precisely the emotion that I always try to include on the tours, but this is not only the result of the beautiful places in which I organize them, but it is a lifestyle, a way of understanding being together. Many times, around a fire, in addition to joking, we have made important confidences, we have laid bare our emotions, we have become more than traveling companions, real brothers. ” And from the Motoexplora contact groups, the comments in on the Sicilian tour operator’s travels are wasted: “Exciting! Unforgettable! Engaging! ” Are the most frequent adjectives. “There is an important aspect that often those who organize trips neglect – says Peppe Pagano – the bike is emotion, and if you want to give emotions, you have to try them yourself”

It seems that emotions are the founding aspect of motorcycle passion. These go beyond the simple satisfaction of possessing a means, of giving oneself the aesthetic importance, of interpreting a role. There is no need to have large motorcycles or even the most beautiful or fashionable ones: emotions come from the dynamics of the bike and from the relationships that are established between those who share this passion.