Once the map was placed in the transparent pocket of the tank bag and we set off to conquer the world, today if we don’t have a navigator to tell us how to get out of the garage we don’t go anywhere anymore. But even where our sense of direction would make us do without google maps, going for a walk without constantly keeping an eye on the mobile makes us feel naked and isolated, it is never that Valentino Rossi suddenly decides to hang his helmet on the nail and we miss Lin Jarvis’s call in search of a replacement.

Seriously, the solutions for traveling are now endless, keeping the ubiquitous smartphone with all its applications within sight and hands, an indispensable appendix to save time looking for a small restaurant outside the door, or the alternative panoramic road, or to alert of our imminent arrival the beautiful of turn.

Givi has for a long time in the catalog a series of supports that are fixed to the steering plate or to the stems of the rear-view mirrors, but to satisfy even the owners of motorcycles with mirrors positioned directly on the fairing and why not, the drivers of maxi-scooters type T- Max or Burgman, has devised an unprecedented system that allows the device to be positioned using the strength and functionality of the rectangular brake/clutch oil tank.

The S903 A is made of billet aluminum and is subsequently treated with a micro-shot and anodizing process. The long slots on the base, in addition to having a lightening function, allow a safe assembly on the oil pan. Three hardware kits specifically designed by GiVi make it compatible with most motorcycle and scooter models in production. The upper part is completely adjustable both on the vertical and horizontal axis, thus allowing the attachment of the smartphone / GPS accessory of the S952B S953B S954B S955B S956B S957B series (depending on the model possessed) in the best possible position, in order to guarantee maximum visibility both to the device and to the instrumentation on the dashboard.