Many people wondered and wondered if it was worth going to Verona for the Motor Bike Expo 2019, especially a few months away from EICMA. “But isn’t it a duplicate?” No, it’s not! EICMA is the showcase par excellence of the production, glossy and super-professional, MBE is another thing, a free-range, sanguine, passionate event, where the preparers and artists, kilometers grinders and living room enthusiasts, families with children in the stroller, meet. and hypertrichosis and hypertextual subjects with beer mugs in hand and AC / DC ball from 9 am. In short, more than a show, a party.

We were there of Moto-Ontheroad of course, and between coffee hugs and stories with friends who came to visit us, we walked around the pavilions like children at Disneyland.


That the Motor Bike Expo 2019 is a matter in itself can be understood from the presence of the Houses. Japanese with great pomp but a little subdued Europeans. Beginning with Ducati, who exhibited three Diavel three in a corner, and, my heart weeps to say it, it was embarrassing the comparison with the adjacent Honda and Kawasaki (incidental rivals in MotoGP and SBK) which alone occupied two thirds of the Hall 5 with the full range of products, all that was lacking was that they also exhibited grass cutters and had everything. Ah no, there were those too.


At the Motor Bike Expo, you can enjoy a more homely atmosphere, and you can have meetings and have a quiet chat with characters that, in short, hope that some experience and driving skills will be transmitted to you by osmosis.


Pavilions 1 2 and 3 dedicated to the fascinating custom world, the true heart of the Motor Bike Expo. There was to wear dark glasses so as not to have damage to the retina due to the chrome, improbable motors set in frames with at least doubtful driveability, saddles that would turn up the nose of the most masochistic fakir, chiseled details on the rays of (enooOOoormi) wheels, stuff that some medieval scribes dream of them.

What I wonder, however, is why the iconography of that world is always dominated by skulls, dragons, Celtic crosses and grim looks, stuff with an air that is not highly recommended. But a little more joy no eh? Especially since under those beards and above that panzer often tender heartbeats. At least I hope…

And speaking of electricity , we have noticed proposals that are beginning to seriously go beyond simple urban mobility, the Zero Black Forest equipped with the triptych of bags promises appealing autonomy even for the most skeptical cultured people, and the one set up for law enforcement should worry a bit the serial offenders of the CDs: eye, that in case of pursuits’ these engines have a monstrous recovery.

But on this subject, we will return soon. Meanwhile, we see the things that struck us by turning here and there in the pavilions. Starting with what for me was the queen of this Motor Bike Expo 2019, the result of ingenuity, imagination, and a bit of madness. The three generations of Frank Garage, grandfather father and son of Catania, set up the bike (?) Below. Do you recognize the engine?