It is not enough to go to the chalet of the step taken with the latest model of Japanese super-turbo, and not even get your ass off of grinding kilometers up and down between the North Cape and Cape Horn, the True Motorcyclist is recognized above all … when the motorcycle is stopped in the garage. Do you remember that advertising of a Honda car in which Valentino Rossi, at the time pilot of the golden wing, at the traffic light opened the door and put his foot on the ground? Here, even without going that far, there are unequivocal behaviors that reveal the DNA of Very Biker Inside.

By car # 1

You are in the car precisely, lined up at the tollbooth on a day when the departures have also been so intelligent, but the departures are much less. Looking in the mirrors, you see a motorcyclist in leather overalls, gloves, boots, and balaclava, with radiator water ready to throw the dough, and with the passenger practically liquefied from 38 degrees in the shade (perceived 120). If you move to give them the place in the queue, you have earned 5 points. 10 if you make the maneuver so blatantly that you can persuade them to do the same for the row of vacationers in campers in front of you. (the fact that you are in the car should be in contradiction with being a true biker, but let’s say you went to get pressurized forks, oversized cylinders, and slick trains, ok?)

In-car # 2

You are always in the car (oh well, nobody is perfect, and then you had forgotten the carbon fairings), and on the beautiful road outside the city, you crossed a lot of motorcyclists. If you open the window and wave to them they are 4 points, but only if they answer. One more in the case of Ducati, one less in the case of Giesse. No points regardless if you say goodbye to a Harleysta, so those don’t reciprocate even under torture.

In the center

You are shopping hand in hand with ganza/wife/ girlfriend and you are walking on narrow sidewalks zigzagging among tourists. If having to discard to the side to avoid a group of Japanese people in the wrong way, instinct makes you check, even for just a moment, a hypothetical non-existent rear-view mirror on your left, they are 3 clean clean spots. Do not cheat, but above all then turn around, that may be behind you is the barred 47, which otherwise points are those to mend.


The wife is at the beach with the kids and you, as a Real Motorcyclist, have given up and you are on the sofa that you enjoy the MotoGP with all the paraphernalia of order, beer popcorn fries and free belts of memory. The Dovi Marquez on the last corner, and from the jumps you make the sofa turns into a deposit of the San Carlo after it has passed through a whirlwind. If trying to make up for it, repeatedly press the button on the vacuum cleaner like Kenny Roberts on the Yamaha OW31, you will have put in at least 5 points.

At the supermarket

The wife has returned from the sea and after having for the spotted sofa punishes you forcing you to accompany her to do the shopping at the supermarket. If you push the cart you rotate your right wrist 3 points.

Which can double if:

  • you hold two fingers like brakes/friction on the metal edge in front of the “handlebar”
  • you make Brum Brum with your mouth
  • but above all pull the brakes to the curve of the frozen food to arrive in the chest before the lady with the chihuahua in the trash.

On the road

Fixed the expense in the fridge, it occurs to you that you have to make a commitment to the bank at the end of the street, and you leave the house on foot that two steps also make you good, and you walk slowly while you take a look at the shops in the neighborhood. If after a good quarter-hour walk looking up you see yourself reflected in a shop window and realized you have left … with your helmet on your head, nice shot, it’s 10 points! Halved if you notice it at the first showcase, triple if you realize it only when you are abruptly blocked by the security guard at the bank entrance.

I don’t know how many points you made, I did the en Plein.