In the motorcycle sector, social media, especially Facebook, are excellent tools for organizing group outings and riding bikes with other enthusiasts. Friends of their own areas are found, or even a little further, and there is an agreement to go out with friends.

Meeting at the bar with the full story, I recommend punctuality.

Some know them already, others see them for the first time and look at one another with curiosity. Motorcycles, clothing, helmets, back tires … So, just to test the terrain.

It starts and the beauty begins. I have the custom of putting myself at the bottom of the group, a little to have no one on my neck and a bit to keep that bit of wit in me. From this moment on the cataloging of the participants begins.

The coordinated

He often has a BMW or a Multistrada, strictly with clothing of the same brand. It seems to have just come out of the advertising pages. Clean him, clean the bike (obviously equipped with a complete kit of suitcases). He’s a little aloof. He knows he is under observation, he feels more comfortable in single-brand gatherings.

The casual

He is keen to show that he has perfect mastery of the medium. He sits to one side to watch if the whole group follows him (it matters little that the road is all straight, he makes sure of it several times, even if he is the third last). Legs dangling, and look to the right and left to admire the splendid panorama of the industrial area. From time to time he also takes his hands off the handlebars, so just to be quiet.

The intubate

Newly polished sports motorcycle, matching the helmet with mirrored visor and brand new suit in the same color. Gestures of disapproval whenever someone forces him to slow down and sit out of the saddle even in the round. Once you reach the pass, you realize that it is gone, vanished. It was too slow for him. Or was he cold?

The dispenser of advice

Type of motorcyclist that appears only in the presence of women motorcyclists, I think. You don’t notice, but he saw you driving because he was behind (but wasn’t I the last?). When the helmet is removed, he asks you how long you have been riding and then throws some advice there. But aren’t you the one who drove perpetually on the middle line?

You see that you have done a driving course. And you? Have you ever done that? “No, but there is no need, get out on the bike and try, after so many years that I ride …”. OK! I got it.

The controller

Challenging role. If you have it in front of you, it will check your driving setup from both mirrors at each turn off the mirrors. I do not know whether by a spirit of protection or to be able to make subsequent considerations, but so be it. At the first stop, feigning indifference, he will examine your rear tire. But do you really think that with a mid-sized tourist I want to close the tire?

And then I’m there, watching them from the last place and shaving it under my helmet. Who knows how they have cataloged me.