Whether you decide on a trip outside the city, a weekend by the sea, or a holiday as a couple, the motorcyclist will always have to deal with the problem of carrying luggage. Beautiful, practical and capacious, the XLmoto bags are an excellent solution to fix them even on motorbikes not particularly devoted to tourism.

Of course, for those who have a super tourer equipped with the set of suitcases, the question does not arise, but if you have a more agile bike you do not always want to weigh down the lines by mounting sets even if already provided by the House.

In short, it also takes on aesthetic, as well as practical, connotations.

We are helped by XLmoto, which offers, among the thousands of spare parts and accessories on its website, a set of universal floppy bags which, as far as we are concerned, have represented the ideal solution to combine simplicity, lightness and load capacity.

This is a pair of classic saddlebag bags of the “H2O” series, which can be integrated with the “Top End” bag to be placed on the portion of the saddle intended for the passenger.

Beautiful to look at, easily removable, and minimally invasive although they can hold 20 + 20 + 28 liters of the load.

The assembly, indeed a little laborious.

On offer at an unbeatable price, you arrive quickly a few days after ordering, and accompanied by a useful gift, the only note we feel we can move is on a certain difficulty that we found when it came to mounting them: to be able to adapt them to any type of motorcycle we have supplied a large number of belts whose use is not really intuitive, and certainly does not help the total lack of an illustrative brochure.

Fortunately, on the site, there are some videos that, while not exhaustive in their extreme simplification, have allowed us to understand how and where to place everything in the best way, so that now, once the hand is taken, the assembly operation takes just 5 minutes.

It must be said that in our case we were facilitated by the presence of aftermarket number plates on the sides, but like all bags of this type some problems could exist on those bikes in which the lack of side shock absorbers or a small frame could bring them to “fall” towards the inside until it comes into contact with the rear wheel, which can certainly be solved thanks to the wide possibility of adjusting the belts, and in any case we promise to check on other bikes as soon as possible.

Another aspect that can be perfected is that the saddlebag looks like a sort of “tube” open on both sides, so putting or taking off something while it is in place is not very comfortable. The advice is therefore to put those objects that may need to be used once at destination leaving the side bags available for the rest.

In motion, it is like not having them.

In movement, the presence of the bags is practically not felt, once fixed to the saddle and to the passenger footboards with the appropriate belts the positioning is stable at any speed. Even when fully loaded they do not clutter particularly, and you can safely maneuver not only while traveling but also through traffic, for example, those times when we decide to go to the supermarket and take advantage of the convenience by filling them with shopping bags.

Finally, something fundamental, we have verified in the field that the impermeability is absolute thanks to the materials and the closing system.

Removing the “saddlebag” to make room for the passenger, or rather the passenger, the situation does not change, the straps passing over the saddle do not annoy its side B, only the legs must be wider on the footrests. But it is an easily acceptable sacrifice, in the face of the possibility of bringing along a beauty case, shoes, clothes and everything a lady considers absolutely essential for the weekend.